Max. Kids 21
Min. Kids 1
Food Included No
Friday Package (FP) $320
Basic Package (BP) $370
Ultimate Package (UP) $930
FP and BP Deposit $185
UP Deposit $365-465
AO: Extra 15 minutes $30
AO: Extra Kids (FP) $10/head (21-29)
AO: Extra Kids (BP) $15/head (21-29)
AO: Extra Kids (UP) $20/head (21-29)
AO: Extra Invitation $1/ea after 20

This spot features plenty of running space, an in-ground trampoline, and preschooler-safe obstacle course. Socks are required.

Pros: This is a private venue with tons of safety padding. It is also safe for the littlest ones, so siblings are definitely welcomed. If you want a worry-free time, Wonderwild is it. Another plus, the staff will help you set up decorations. The party room is immediately adjacent to the party area–for an extra fee you can ask for the party room and party area to be simultaneously open (snacks galore!).  Adults, guests, siblings (9 months and younger), and over age 11, are not included in guest headcounts. The heights location has plenty of parking and is centrally located.

Cons: Not ideal for last-minute plans. It tends to book months in advance, so this one will require planning. There is also no in-house kitchen; all food must be catered or bring-your-own. Because it is such a popular place, you will not get much time to set up decorations–parties are booked back-to-back. The add-ons can also inflate your total cost if you are not careful–it is important to read all the fine print very carefully and be very conscious of what you agree to during the sales meeting. Wonderwild is also not an allergy-free (peanut, tree nut, etc) facility.

Cost: Parties start at $320 (plenty of add-ons available, including all decorations)

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:  “If you must cancel/reschedule your party, you must do so at least 21 days before your party date. If you cancel/reschedule 8 to 20 days before your party date, a fee of $150 will be charged to your account automatically. If you cancel/reschedule seven (7) or less days prior to the event date, there are absolutely no refunds, no credits, and you are responsible for 100% of your party price–EVEN IF YOUR CHILD IS SICK (unless you purchase the Illness Protection Plan).”

Online Party Address: http://gowonderwild.com/parties/
Add On Food Menu: http://gowonderwild.com/food-menu/
Phone: (713) 864-4242
Address: 767 N Shepherd Dr #400, Houston, TX 77007

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